Jurus Media is a multi-media and Internet development company. We create websites, graphics, film, video, animation, photography, audio, and music. We also have extensive experience building interactive games, mobile applications, dialog agents, software systems, and specialized databases.

We have developed custom systems and programs for a wide variety of organizations at over 40 locations throughout the world. Experience, expertise, and education are directly applied to key positions in order to ensure the success of the project, while placing a heavy emphasis on producing the result on time, within budget.

We strive for excellence at every level and we consistently research and develop new methods that produce results better, and faster. Our methods are dynamic and flexible allowing us to constantly adjust to changing markets, technology, and trends.  We streamline operations, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and we always utilize the most proven technology, ensuring a trusted long-term solution and technological advantage.

Jurus Media offers a variety of multi-media, technology, and business services with solutions customized to fit your needs:

Website Development

Web Servers & Hosting

Graphic Art & Design

Audio & Music Production

Video Editing


Animation & Modeling

Mobile Apps

Demo Reels


Film Crews

Custom Software & Databases

Internet Broadcasting

Presskits & Portfolios

Analytics & Statistics

Visual Effects

Social Media


We can create simple or complex solutions for large and small scale projects.