MetaSearch Engines

Why search only one engine, when you can search them all? A MetaSearch engine lets you search multiple engines with just one entry. It can save you the hassle of going to a variety of different sites in order to perform your search, and it might even suggest a search engine that you had not considered before (or one that you didn’t even know about!) … Continue Reading

Future of ShopBots

People want online shopping to offer them something better than offline shopping. It has to be easier, more customized, and cheaper. Also, online users are concerned about many issues related to shopping on this new medium. They want security and peace of mind. They want to know that when they type in their credit card number, and press “enter,” … Continue Reading

Privacy and Security

It seems that basic rights of privacy are under assault. Data miners and consumer profilers are able to produce detailed pictures of the tastes, and habits of increasing number of consumers. The spread of intelligent traffic management systems, video security, recognition systems, and the gradual integration of information systems built into … Continue Reading

E-Commerce Economics

Who is the current online shopper? Based on a study performed by Jupiter Communications and NFO, 61% of all purchasers are men, and “young adults” (18-34) comprise the largest age group of online buyers. Not surprisingly, since most of online shopping requires credit card purchasing, teens and kids comprise the smallest proportion of Internet … Continue Reading

Buyer’s Beware

There’s absolutely no question that the Internet represents the most powerful bargaining chip consumers have had in the history of shopping. ShopBots deliver on one of the great promises of electronic commerce and the Internet: a radical reduction in the cost of obtaining and distributing information. But keep in mind that this tool we use to… Continue Reading

A Merchant’s Enemy

ShopBots can truly help consumers find the lowest prices for products, but it turns out that not all online merchants are happy with the use of agent technology, or its effect on electronic commerce. In theory, agents can bring all market information within the reach of an online buyer. That is, an agent can report the list price from every available … Continue Reading

Software Shopping Agents

ShopBots deliver on one of the great promises of electronic commerce and the Internet: a radical reduction in the cost of obtaining and distributing information. ShopBots can out-perform and out-inform even the most patient, determined consumers, for whom it would take hours to obtain far less coverage of available goods and services. As the … Continue Reading

MP3 Agents

Imagine getting practically any song, anytime, from anywhere in the world. MP3 Agents are very good at this, and they make it very easy to get the music that you want. Welcome to the most heated debate on the Internet – MP3 Agents. They are changing the face of music distribution and it has many people in the music industry very concerned… Continue Reading

File Sharing Agents (P2P)

Welcome to a world where you can share files with people from all over the world. File sharing makes the file system of another host appear as if it were part of the local file system. Instead of a central file list, your searches are distributed to thousands of other people in the community, who will respond with your search results. To share files with others and to help… Continue Reading

Bluetooth Technology

We dream of a future when all the electronic devices and appliances in our daily lives are able to communicate with each other in order to improve our lifestyle, and efficiency. We already know about really cool devices like scanners that tell us what food that we have in the fridge, remote controls that automatically open the garage door when we… Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence For Games

The use of artificial intelligence in game applications has a long history because games provide a good environment for problem solving (which humans like to do). The problems are introduced in a defined domain and the results are easy to evaluate. Many games, such as card/board/puzzle games like Go-Moku and the Nine Men’s … Continue Reading

Agents for Romance and Intimacy

You’ve tried night clubs, parties, blind dates, religious socials, even answered a couple of personal ads, without any luck. Another Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you’re flirting with the idea of turbo-charging your search for love. Well, Intelligent Agents can help you find what you’ re looking for. They can help you search … Continue Reading

Personal and Virtual Assistants

Did you ever notice that very important busy people always have a personal assistant? It’s because they have the money to afford one, and because they absolutely need one in order to be successful. Having a personal assistant is an absolute necessity, and it is almost impossible to be successful without one. There are just too many things to … Continue Reading